Government & Non-Profits

Non-Profit Organizations

Rising expectations by both government and the public at large coupled with declining government support and an increased demand for services have placed nonprofit organizations in an exceptionally challenging environment. To help nonprofit organizations cope with these challenges, Lopez and Company provides assistance with:

  • Obtaining and maintaining tax exempt status
  • Complying with government grant and contract reporting requirements
  • Developing financial management, operating controls and management information systems
  • Providing internal accounting reviews, strategic planning and budgeting

Government Agencies

  • Audits under OMB Circular A-133 (Single Audits)
  • Contract and Grant Compliance Audits
  • Cost Allocation Plans
  • Budget development

Single Audits (OMB Circular A-133)

The need for thoroughly examined financial statements combined with growing requirements to maintain government grant and contract programs in place makes it a necessity for entities receiving funds to file proper documentation in a timely manner. Our staff assists with the process by guiding and advising you of changes in reporting requirements and by providing you with helpful checklists to assist you throughout the year.

Federal Compliance & Oversight

High expectations by the Federal Agency to provide independent and objective review and activities to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements in administering and program fund, and determine whether proper controls are in operation to prevent and detect non compliant instances, and safeguard financial resources from waste, misappropriation, or fraud. We perform audit and attestation under Yellow Book and Uniform Guidance (formerly OMB Circulars, A-87, A-121, and A-122).