Emergency Response

LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP provides government, business and industry with solutions to their emergency management programs. This is provided through international and national levels including federal, state and local government, private non-profit and for profit corporations. LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP provides Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations experience including support of disasters, response and recovery efforts of key government agencies and businesses which can be tailored to meet all their emergency program needs. Our expertise in assisting with Emergency Plans and Operations, Hazard Mitigation, emergency protocol, risk reduction recommendations, management and coordination of response and recovery effort along with professional management of grant administration, insurance evaluations and emergency management accreditation program provide our customers with a one stop service.


  •  Emergency Operations Plan
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Emergency Operations Center Plan
  • COOP planning
  • HAZARD MITIGATION Plans (State & Local Communities)
  • Debris Management Plan


LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP develops, plans and manage disaster recovery operations with over 30 combined years of FEMA local government  experience. Coordinate with all levels of government for local, county, state and federal, and including Private Non-Profit agencies. Managing the competing interest of the different activated components under the National Response Plan (NRP) as well as with the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in determining and providing a big picture assessment of the impacts of the disaster event.


A Federal requirement for all potential (future) applicants during a Federal declared disaster is to have a Hazard Mitigation Plan in place at the time the disaster occurs. If this plan is not in place at the time of a disaster, the applicant will not be eligible for federal funding for Individual Assistance and some Public Assistance. LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP develops and trains the applicants so they are eligible in the event of a disaster.  LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP can provide program specific planning in Hazard Mitigation.


The expectation of the Federal Government is that all States and larger communities such as County and large Cities to have a COOP plan in place under Department of Homeland Security. It is a requirement that all States complied with in October 2004. 


  • Audits
  • Funding
  • Loss
  • Maximizing recovery


Fire Assistance program new rules involve a more active tracking of the grant by the States, Grantees and Sub-grantees. LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP can provide a full FMAGP training seminar for States and Sub-grantees.


  • Provide technical assistance to staff in support of Planning, Response and Recovery. (LOPEZ AND COMPANY, LLP Resources are over 100 personnel)
  • Support can be funded at 75% Federal share and 25% non-federal. At times, depending on the declaration, funding can be up to 100% federal share (for Local, State and PNP’s).
  • Applications for Grants under the Fire Assistance Program, where applications are made to FEMA Headquarters for lump sum   Grants to First Responders to use for equipment and training. (This is a once a year application).
  • Lopez and Company, LLP accepts Credit Card Payments